Story of India’s missing Corona deaths

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Most cities are asleep at 5 am. Traffic is non-existent. Non wonder, driving through one early in the morning is an ode to the pleasures of driving.

Now imagine, the traffic suddenly jumps by 10–15%?

Would that cause a gridlock?

Yet, that’s what’s happening at the crematories across the country.

India reported a total 6.95 million deaths in 2018, a year for which I could find accurate data. This works out to 19k deaths a day. A recent estimate puts this figure at 10 million. Or, 27K a day.

India has officially reported 34K deaths due to Covid over the…

And discovered the two are intricately connected

Image by Stefan Grates from Pixabay

Climate change is a colossal word; leaves us feeling helpless. Unless one is Greta.

But fitness is easier to understand. And do something about it.

And I did.

Four things:

Stopped driving to the office every day.

Stopped ordering outside food.

Refused shopping bags.

Quit meat.

And where have these got me?

I don’t drive to the office every day. I use bus and train combination, walking the in-between distances. I carpool. I pressure myself to walk short distances, overcoming the urge to drive.

My days look and feel different now.

I wake up earlier than usual. I walk an extra mile…

May not be obvious, but there’s an inverse correlation between the two

Photo by Erik Karits from Pexels

I’ve been doing my bit for the earth for years now. Observing the Earth day, recycling and reusing, segregating garbage, and creating awareness about the need to save the earth.

My efforts have made the earth greener, I’m sure. But it’s only recently I discovered how closely it’s connected to personal firtness.

I locked the door behind me, took the elevator to the ground floor, and then, instead of reaching for my car parked in the garage, I stepped out of the main gate. I walked briskly to the bus stop behind my building.

The bus arrived shortly, taking me…

And it’s all my fault

Photo by Zdeněk Macháček in Unsplash

It’s been three years since I died. I’m at complete peace now.

Death has reconnected me to some of my dearest friends and several family members. Among them, my father.

My father and I have been able to find time to have a heart-to-heart chat. He often confesses to me the mistakes he made, while I reflect upon my shortcomings. But we seem to understand other. Finally.

But a letter a few weeks back from my granddaughter back on earth has left me crestfallen.

I didn’t have all the means when I started in life. But I worked hard and…

Yet he toils, optimistic as ever

Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

Afarmer is an entrepreneur, with a piece of land and no capital. Not very different from a start-up.

He borrows to fund his business. Buys seeds, fertilizers, and herbicides. Arranges for water, tractor, and electricity, first to till his land, and then to sow.

He cultivates his land with fervor, protecting it from stray animals, unwelcome rain, and harsh sunshine. Till it’s time to harvest.

He cuts, sorts, stores, packs, and then transports his potential half-year earnings to the market to execute the most difficult of all tasks — selling.

But in the market are gathered thousands like him, each…

Photo by Zoë Reeveon Unsplash

Entrepreneurship is a bit aiming for Olympic. Though thousands qualify to compete, only a handful make it to the finals in each category. Making the finals is no less an achievement than winning a medal.

Similar accolades greet an entrepreneur who celebrates the 10th anniversary of his start-up, as barely 10 out of 100 get that far.

I quit an exciting job to plunge into entrepreneurship. Though everything didn’t go as per plan, my start-up’s success wasn’t disappointing.

By the end 5th year, I had an office in five cities and 77 employees. Though business went through usual swings, I…

No, it’s not an N95

Photo by Stefan Heeschon Unsplash

Someone said,

“All our dogs think we quit our jobs to spend more time with them.”

No surprise lockdown during Covid tickled my 10-year Labrador, Marley, no end.

But soon he discovered, there was a whale of conditions attached. Walks had disappeared. Drives too. He found himself confined inside the my 600 sq feet flat. No wonder, the slightest opportunity to step out had him excited. Keenly, intently, he’d look for the signs all day long … does this get me out?

Smart as he is, it didn’t take him long to figure the sure-shot winner: The mask.

Whenever he…

There is something about 10 years

Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Completing 10 years is a big event. Be it a birthday, marriage, or employment.

I celebrated my 10th birthday in 1972. The same year, India also completed 25 years as an independent nation.

Speaking from the ramparts of Red Fort, the Indian Prime Minister thundered, “India is stronger today than it was 25 years ago!

“Our democracy has found roots, our thinking is clear, our goals are determined, our paths are planned to achieve the goals and unity is more solid today than ever before,” declared Mrs. Indira Gandhi.

She didn’t mention anything about India’s economic progress as we’d achieved…

Problems that probably rob them of sleep

Picture — The Straits Times

Asia’s richest men have problems. And we thought only the poor are supposed to have troubles? And by the way, wasn’t the Pandemic supposed to make every setback on earth appear pale in comparison?

But, no!

Mukesh Ambani, who turned a new leaf in 2020 to beat the richest man in Asia, Jack Ma, has lost to 66-year old bottled water tycoon, Zhong Shanshan.

Besides Mr. Ambani, it would perhaps pain entire country to see a fellow Indian who conquered Asia, being left behind. I wonder if these rich men check their worth first thing every morning? …

They needn’t quit smoking

Photo by Basil MK from Pexels

Not emission, but the tiny little butt, casually stubbed by a smoker, is the number 1 cause of pollution.

Made from man-made plastic called cellulose acetate, trillions of butts refuse to bio-degrade for years. Instead, most find their way into the oceans, and then into the stomachs of marine animals.

There are more cigratte butts on ocean bed than any other form of plastic.

The numbers continue to surge, despite a campaign to contain smoking through Surgeon General’s warning. Instead of cutting down on smoking, the warning has prompted smokers to prefer filtered cigarettes. They believe the tiny filter prevents…

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